The Hunt for Corn

So…when I first decided to take this REU position my only hesitation was that it was in Iowa. I knew, and in a way still know nothing about Iowa. Whenever I tried to ask anyone about it the one response I would get was, “Well there’s corn.” That was when the hunt began. I embarked on my journey to the land of corn and was ready to discover all the wonder of it’s green stocks and yellow kernels. So ever since I stepped off the plane in Des Moines my eyes searched expecting to be surrounded by the towering crops. I searched…but they weren’t there. The corn crops weren’t next to the airport or in the city. Then we got into the car and during the hour long drive…still no corn. Once I got to Aimes I searched…but still…no corn. The one thing that I was told about Iowa wasn’t coming true. So in an attempt to fulfill and document my corn sightings I have decided to take pictures every time I see corn. To my dismay…all of my sightings haven’t been of actual corn but instead unfulfilling impostors (I’m kidding every time there’s any corn reference I probably get way too excited). As of now I have 9 “corn” documentations. When I numbered them, 9 and 10 are missing since Emma likes the number 11 and the corn was sighted on her hat.



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