The Hunt for Trees

Depending on where you’re from, Iowa may or may not live up to your expectations in the tree department.

REU student Emanuel from Arizona was in some amount of awe upon arrival (he explains that they film moon scenes for the movies in his state. Talk about barren.). Our project mentor for CooL:SLiCE is on the other end of the spectrum. Since moving here from the east coast, she’sย been slightly depressed about the tree situation. BUT, she recently found Ledges State Park and feasted her eyes on the forestry for the first time in the corn state.

At our last meeting, upon seeing a stock image of trees in one of our UI mock ups, she got very excited. Insisting that we go see the miracle of Ledges State Park for ourselves, she said we should take and use authentic Iowa tree photos in our project. I never argue when someone asks me to go on a hike and take pictures.

Thus, equipped with the knowledge of the whereabouts of a thriving tree population, the three of us set out with two DSLRs and eyes peeled.

It was hot.

And you won’t believe what we saw…

Iowa_trees_Ledges_Park(Photos by Jameel and myself)trail_steps_Ledges_Park_Iowa_photographer


Ledges_Park_Iowa_Flowers_wildflowers Ledges_Park_Iowa_ledge


And rocks.

And birds…

So if you’re on the same side of the spectrum as our mentor, I suggest a jaunt in Ledges Park.


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