The Tragedy of the Bike

So today has been thus far overshadowed by one sad occurrence: when I left for work this morning, my bike was gone.

Then another fun thing happened: I found out that there was a detour and that there were no buses servicing Freddy Court right now. Which was probably why someone stole my bike. So I walked to work this morning, with no end to walking in sight.

Anyway, departing from that sad note: this weekend was pretty nice. Went to Hy-Vee on Saturday, which was a pretty bad experience. Not the Hy-Vee part, but the bus system. Probably the worst bus experience I have had thus far here, which is saying a lot, considering all of the crazy bus experiences Emma and I have had thus far.

Anywayyyyyy….. later Austin, Emma, Sofia, Brittney, Alfredo and I went to Hickory Park Restaurant. The food was pretty good, although the wait was around 40 min. We managed, though, and got a nice picture with Cy to boot!

Also, it was Emma’s “birthday”, so wish her a happy 20th!

Sunday was pretty chill. Emma and I went to McDonald’s to do some work, and I got some free ice cream for National Ice Cream Day. I was pretty tired after that, and didn’t do a ton afterwards. I did start The Bachelorette though, and it’s really good so far! I really like Rachel, and Dean’s pretty cool. Am going to finish the second episode at some point today after work.

Anyway, about today. Our team is working more on the prototype this afternoon, after working on the introduction some this morning. We’re going to be more specific about the functional aspects of it on this go-around, with info on more specific buttons and toolbars.

By Friday we’re hoping to have our poster draft done, a new prototype (beyond the one we’re talking about today), and a decent paper draft that’ll have everything but our results and conclusion.

Tonight I think I’m going to work on the lit review paragraph some, as well as maybe doing some Axure and/or poster draft. We’ll see!

Will hopefully post tomorrow, until then have a marvelous Monday!


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