Thirteenth Post

Since the last post we’ve worked more in Unity. Yesterday we go to some more difficult stuff but I’m enjoying learning even though I get occasionally frustrated. Our group is staring to get an idea of how to narrow our topic down so I feel like we are actually getting somewhere with the papers that we have been reading. My latest idea is to design a safety warning for a possibly dangerous manufacturing situations. It can’t be too distracting but it also needs to appear as important to the user. The only papers discussing safety warnings were done using AR on a tablet so thus far it appears to be a hole in VR/AR research. A bunch of papers say that AR in manufacturing can improve safety but none really demonstrate how. We also discussed audio and other sensory feedback. I’m curious how much these other things can improve or detract from the experience.

Last night I ended up climbing some and getting a difficult route I’ve been working on for a while. I then went to the store and got bagels, ramen, and powder sugar donuts. Now that I have a toaster I can eat bagels that have actually been toasted. As for the rest of the night, I worked on physics labs. Today we had a luncheon lecture and the speaker, “Birdie” was very enjoyable to listen to. She made a topic I’m not normally interested in fascinating.

Tomorrow we begin the deeper dives which I’m really excited for. All of the topics are things I want to know more about but I’m mostly interested in immersive unity and 3D printing. I’ve done a little 3D printing and I like Solidworks so getting to make something real is always fun but I also want to work more with VR/AR in Unity so I don’t really know which one I want to choose.

After sitting and thinking about things I could make I kinda want to do 3D printing now even though I feel like career wise I’ll end up closer to the Unity deeper dives.

Daily Meme #47


I almost forgot, I was dad for a day but then I shaved my mustache. More than one day and the situation may have gotten a little hairy.

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