Thirtieth Post

I don’t have my final grade for physics yet so I don’t feel completely done but as far as work goes I have nothing left. With that freedom, two nights ago I got the Oculus Touch controllers to work on my desktop and threw together a quick ball throwing game with not much to it. I think I have some cool ideas I could throw into it if I pursue it. Last night I went home to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I got back really late because I waited out the storm at home and left about midnight, then when I got on the interstate there was a small accident so everything was at a standstill for a while. Also my card doesn’t work to get into Freddy after the doors lock so twice now Sushi has had to come let me in.

As for the project, we have a final environment set up and I’m starting to get the steps placed into the final environment. My scripts are pretty easy to follow so setting up the steps shouldn’t be too difficult but may take some time. I also learned a bit about shaders and materials today, though I don’t think we will end up using any of it. We are getting a lot done on the actual development but I feel like our group will be pretty stressed to get out a poster and a paper in the next couple weeks.

I promised pictures a couple posts ago so maybe I’ll have some in the next post. 🙂

Daily Meme # 74 (I should be an author)


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