Thirty First Post

Saturday we went kayaking and that was a lot of fun! The water felt great, I probably could have just floated in the water the whole way with no kayak. I definitely want to try a more difficult river sometime, I’d like to get to a point where I can eventually buy my own kayak. Sunday, Jameel and I drove people over to Jordan Creek mall and just wandered around for a bit. I got a really comfortable pair of jeans and a nice hacky sack that may or may not have ripped open a couple hours later. On our way back we stopped by REI and Climb Iowa because Emma was interested in buying climbing shoes. Later, some of us watched Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope in the apartment because Brittney had only ever seen Rogue One.

As for the project, I’ve run into some issues that have slowed me down. The smaller parts such as screws and washers that need to go into another piece are proving difficult to get the tolerances to work. Also the collisions with other parts are throwing it off as well as the occasional error that breaks the hands entirely. I think I have a fix but we’ll find out in the next couple hours. Eliot stopped by Friday and tried out what we have so far, he had some tips but liked where we were headed overall.

Here are the promised pictures:

^You obviously cant see the animation but the green pieces glides into place to indicate where they should be placed.

The pieces also glow when they aren’t being held but not immediately so it’s not annoying.


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  1. Maybe you should return the hacky sack… It sounds defective :/

    From the photos, your project is looking great! Will you be recording any video of the actual building process? I would be interested in seeing it.

    • I’ll just ask my mom if she can sew it whenever I go home, and I don’t think Emma or I have thought about recording the building process, but if you’re interested I’d be glad to show you what we did!

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