Thirty Second Post

I spent most of the morning restructuring the entire Unity project, it ended up being a lot easier than I thought. I messed around with tags and now any screw, not just a specific one will snap into place. Also, Instead of linking all of the different animations, grabbable pieces, and in place pieces to each other and activating them based on each other, I now have a step counter set up and all of the parts are activated. The mesh renderers and colliders now appear depending on the step number. It should now be a lot easier and faster to switch pieces around and get new pieces added. I also figured out how to fix the snapping issues. The previous snapping system worked well for the big pieces, however the smaller pieces were a struggle. I created a separate script for each of the smaller pieces so now parts like screws, washers, and nuts snap on a trigger based system but it still fits in with the rest of the framework. Using this and the tags, I can now just have a bin with the correct pieces and any of them are able to be used instead of one specifically.

Chase Meusel gave our lunch lecture today and it was good to see him again, though we had some troubles hearing him. It sounds like Microsoft has been treating him well, as has Washington. Last night Emma, Natalie, Alfredo, and I climbed some at Lied. The same routes are still up but I still managed to finish two routes I hadn’t done before so it was a pretty successful night.

Daily Meme #78 (not a meme but whatever)


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