Thirty Third Post

I’ve gotten a lot done in the past couple of days. I’d say about 3/4 of the pieces are in place so I really need to make about 50-60 animations and then we’re good in that department. I’m currently having some issues with the hands because when an object in hand is destroyed, the hand is disabled and can’t be used to pick up objects anymore. I actually think I just thought of a solution right now. Also I need to work on the quality because when a lot of things are on screen, the quality slows down. I currently runs at about 45 fps but I’m hoping I can get that up. My team has done a great job of working on the poster and the paper. I think some phrasing and images could be improved on the paper but it’s nearly done, and about 3/4 of the paper is done. If the development finishes up soon we are set.

My grandparents just moved in last night so I ran home right after work to say hi to them and help move stuff around. While I was home my mom fixed my hacky sack! we’ll see how long it lasts this time.

Daily Meme #79 (thought you’d enjoy a picture of Bill Murray)




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