Time Flies

As I scroll through my OneDrive photos, I realize just how many things have happened since I last wrote. This may be a rather long post.

First off, our research: the last time I posted, the IRB approval had been delayed, thus keeping us from performing the tests we had desired to complete this summer. However, since then I have felt a lot less stress. Though we have plenty to keep us busy, we no longer have the goal of completing it all this summer. We simply can’t now. Instead, we can concentrate on creating our very best prototypes and creating a thorough test to perform later. I think that these goals are very much attainable and we’re making good progress.

Our nearly completed Axure prototype.

Now for the none work-related stuffs.

Saturday was kayak day for us, so late that morning found us all piled into an IA State van headed to the Des Moines River in Boone. For most of us, this would be the first time we had ever entered a kayak, and it was perfect for us beginners. The river was calm and steady, with nothing to cause us problems. Of course, being the daring researchers that we are, some of us still managed to push the limits of kayak balance far enough to get drenched! I personally never fell out, but I came very close once or twice. Since there were no rapids to hold our attention, we spent our time in the river testing our kayaking skills, playing group word games, and swimming in the deliciously cool water.

Headed to Boone!

Playing the word game Contact as we drift downstream.

At this point, we successfully attempted standing up in our kayaks.


The next day (Sunday), I was pleasantly surprised with a picnic after church. As a college student, I am particularly attracted to free food, good company, and the outdoors, all of which were in abundance! (Particularly the food. I’ve rarely ever seen so much in such variety)

After this, I grabbed my tablet and headed out to campus to catch some Pokémon. Pokémon Go is celebrating it’s 1 year birthday, so there are some pretty cool in-game bonuses going on right now, including  a couple legendaries (Lugia and Articuno, for anyone who cares). I know most of you don’t play this game anymore, but it’s still a lot more popular than most people realize.

A team of 20 random people gathered together for a Pokémon battle.


And finally, to end our Sunday right, some of us interns watched Star Wars Episode IV. I had forgotten how simultaneously cheesy and wonderful that movie is! 😀

And now, a few random extras:

Early VR headset, or Ghostbusters tech?


Free rice crispy I got today!

Wow, I can’t believe you read all of that. I guess it was mainly pictures, but still…


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