TIME IS FLYING!!! | Day 16(britt)

Day 16 

Today, I woke up & took the bus to where construction on our road begins. I took a little bike break because working out legs really puts a toll on your biking ability. However, I forgot about the little construction project going on and didn’t realize it would affect our normal bus stop. It ended up being for the better though because now I pass Caribou Coffee every day(not so great for my wallet though).

Today is our independent work day; So, I started off by reading and taking notes on a research article. After I finished that, It was time for our lunch lecture. Today our lecture was about spatial displacement in virtual reality environment. Our speaker showed us his teams research on spatial displacement depending on what type of HMD(Head Mounted Display) a participant used. I liked that we got to hear about his research and see the graphs of how different factors changed the participant’s spatial perception. I also learned quite a bit about spatial displacement which was nice considering I didn’t know what it was before hand.

After our lunch lecture, We had a craft of research session about citations that taught me more about citations than I’ve learned in all my years of school. I feel like in high school, we were just told to use MLA, 12pt, Times New Roman, double space( etc.), and were never given a detailed explanation as to why, what the other types of citation are, and how they’re used. Luckily, In this session I learned just that; The information, In return, made me more appreciative of the different citation styles and more excepting and ready to learn them. Funny how being informed can change your perception. 

After CoR, we had more independent time; I spend this time blogging and practicing some SolidWorks. Then eventually it was time to leave for the day.

I walked back to the apartment and made quesadillas and guacamole for dinner. Then I blared my music and had a good ole jam sesh because I was the only one in the apartment and it was really fun.

The rest of the night wass kind of a blur; I rearranged my room a little(ok a lot, I basically moved everything), edited my conference applications more then surfed the web before calling it a night.

xx britt

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