The centerpiece of last weekend was the ropes course. The ropes course entailed a trust fall. I suspected that this trust was going to be over some sort of patting, but it wasn’t. It was a drop from a platform into the arms (hopefully) of the people here at the REU. I went first, so I felt pretty confident going into the next event, a swing from thirty five feet up in the air. When it was finally my turn, it was a lot higher than I expected. To better understand the drop, here is a picture of me attempting to contain sheer terror:

Here is a picture of me once I stopped falling and started swinging:

And here, if you look closely, you can see hints of the giant tear in my pants:

The final and most terrifying event was climbing. Not only did we have to climb a giant tower; we also had to manage the ropes for people who were climbing the giant tower, which was terrifying. I managed the ropes for Angelica. When she jumped down from the top, I was not 100% sure she would be okay, but it all worked out, which gave me more confidence for when I had to climb. The next day some of us went grocery shopping together, and later that night, we all hung out and ate pancakes, rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, cookies, and chips and salsa. Chris even ate a combination of three of those things; I’ll leave which three to your imagination.



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