Twelfth Post

Today we started using Unity. I’ve used Unity previously but that was before I knew how to code so I’m excited to get back into it now that I have more knowledge. I had followed the survival shooter tutorial and just copied the code in without understanding what it meant at all. As for our research we are still doing lit review and will go over what we found tomorrow. I feel like I’ve found some holes in the research (which is what we are looking for) but I’m not sure if they are something we’d be able to work on. We need to narrow down what we are doing because I think we are still looking at it too broadly.

Last night we all went and saw Wonder Woman, and if you haven’t seen it yet it’s great.  I climbed at Climb Iowa this weekend but I forgot my gear in the apartment so I ended up climbing like 3 5.11’s in rental shoes and harness. As for physics I just have to do all the labs, homework, and test by Friday so yay.

Daily meme #46 (I lost count and I’m too lazy to look)


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