Twentieth Post

This weekend was a lot of fun, I went up to clear lake and got to use a jet ski for the first time, tubed, went to a carnival, and more. I didn’t end up working on physics at all over the break so I spent some time last night working on that. I’ll probably end up doing physics each night the rest of this week. In other news I found out my grandparents are moving in a couple of weeks so that means I have to go home next weekend and move all of my things for my apartment next year into a storage unit in Ames. So as soon as I finish up physics Friday I’m going to be busy again right away.

I’m almost done with the Unity project I want to hopefully put in the C6, I just have one environment left and need to follow the instructions to start converting it. The touch controllers work perfectly for grabbing now so we can pretty much start development for our manufacturing assembly right away. Hopefully I can spend some time getting the factory environment to look nice too. Stacy sent all of the files with the parts for the wing assembly so maybe I can start putting that together.

I’ll put some pictures in the next post, hopefully I’ll have all of the environments finished by then.

Daily Meme #53

Thought you might be wondering



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