Twenty Eighth Post

The past couple of days have been work time so I’ve gotten a lot done on the project. I have a general structure for setting up animations, moving from step to step, and snapping. I’m currently working on making a tutorial and Emma and I are making the final environment where the assembly takes place.Maybe next blog I’ll throw in some pictures. One issue I’m running into is snapping symmetrical objects because it requires me to loosen the rotational tolerances for the snap but then too loose of a tolerance is bad as well. Yesterday Dr. Stone gave us a lecture. I had met him briefly before but I didn’t know much about him. Professor, deputy, recovery diver, and traveler. Also his use of a smart material that expands to use involuntary muscles to make intubating a patient easier was ingenious.

Other than working, I finished up my physics homework two nights ago, and I’m going to take the final tonight. Then I’m done! Last night I ran out to get my Mom some birthday presents (I also bought myself an ISU beanie cause it was super cheap) then tried to get Unity to work with my Oculus on my desktop so I could work from my apartment. I ran into more issues than I should have so I sent myself my current project when I got to the VRAC this morning so I can copy the working assets straight over. I’m so ready for kayaking on Saturday, and also my grandparents are moving up to my house starting this weekend so there’s a lot going on! My mom may have tried to make me take my dog for the week in Freddy. I wish.

Daily Meme #73 (Don’t worry, I still wanna go to grad school)



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