Twenty First Post

Today I built a non C6 version of my MCA so that I had a working version for the Rift. I tried to follow the instructions to convert it for the C6 but I ran into issues on almost every step and finally gave up when the step it told me to take kept breaking. I worked some more on making the manufacturing environment for the assembly project and I think it’s looking decent.

For lunch today we had an etiquette lecture and I had thought it was going to be boring but I actually found I really enjoyed it. It’s now instinctive for my pinkie to stick out every time I drink something and when I tucked my napkin into my shirt and asked if it was socially acceptable our lecturer told me to do whatever I wanted and proceeded to give me a hug. His name is Stewart Burger and I found out he teaches a class called Introduction to Wine, Beer, and Spirits that is supposedly a lot of fun and I want to try out (once I am 21 of course). Maybe I can take it in grad school because my schedule is already pretty full for the next couple of years.

Pictures, as promised:

MCA work:

Windows xp + stonehenge

Yes that’s a Santa sleigh that goes in circles and a spinning xmas tree

It snows when it runs

The water turned out better than I thought because it detects terrain and objects to ripple off of

The mixture of grasses and water makes this section the hardest to run smoothly

Assembly project:

First draft of factory

Getting parts into environment

Thank goodness for this sample scene that helped me figure out how to get the Oculus Touch hands working fully

Daily Meme #54




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  1. wow, everything is looking really fancy! I’m liking what I see. Also, when you find yourself at a banquet or something, make sure you make all the sounds you can when you’re drinking your water! (:

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