Twenty Second Post

Last Friday we finalized our abstract and Emma submitted it for the REU Symposium so we’re all set there. As for today, I got my MCA to work in the C6 with a lot of help from Jon so that was really cool to see. Hopefully when we present our MCA’s later I can show it off in there rather than on the Oculus. I still feel like its a more complete experience on the Oculus but the C6 would let everyone experience it rather than one person at a time. I got to use the glasses that control the view in the C6 for the first time and they were pretty cool to use.

This past weekend was pretty busy, I had to move all of my stuff into a storage unit and that took about 3-4 trips to the storage unit and back to my house with a tiny trailer holding probably more than it was supposed to. While I was home I did a cardboard boat race and the group I was in won the “Titanic Award” which means we sunk the best. The heat made moving furniture awful but the water felt great in the heat.

Daily Meme #55(@3D printer group)



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