Twenty Seventh Post

Saturday- I spent nearly all day working on my physics labs and got all of them turned in! All I have left is to finish the homework problems and take the final and I’m done! That night some of us went to Hickory Park and then played some version of volleyball but instead of a volleyball we used water balloons. We eventually got out the actual volleyball and played with that too.

Sunday- I drove over to Climb Iowa by myself and met my girlfriend and one of my friends there and climbed and worked out for a couple of hours. Afterward I went home and had dinner with my parents and picked up the headphones I had ordered.

Today (Monday)- Today is a work day and I think I’ve already gotten a lot done in Unity. I nearly have the template for a full step done. An animation plays while the object is grabbable, when the object is close enough to the correct position the grabbable object is destroyed and immediately replaced by an identical object locked in the correct position that is nonconvex(has a more accurate mesh), and the animation is destroyed. Then the next step should start which is what I’m currently working on.

Daily Meme # 71 (Don’t worry I wasn’t late this morning)



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