Twenty Sixth Post

I accidentally made Portal yesterday. I was working on building a snapping script and I made simple script that made a cube go back to its starting position if it went above a certain height. However I didn’t reset the velocity to zero so if I threw it upwards it would it would spawn on the ground and continue going upwards a couple of times before finally stopping.

We had another really interesting ethics class yesterday, then I went back to my room and worked on physics. The internet went out a couple of times which was frustrating while I was trying to work on my labs but I did some homework in the meantime. I can’t wait to get this last section of physics done so I’m completely finished, one week left! We are getting into working on our project so it’s getting more exciting but I feel like it might be kind of a struggle to get some of the features, including snapping, completely nailed down with the amount of time we have left.

Here are the picture I gathered for the HCI class-

Bad Interfaces:

The key turns all the way but it never fully unlocks but only adds a deadbolt, why can’t it stay unlocked?

As someone not terribly familiar with all the options listed here, I just need a simplified option list, this is too complicated.


Good Interfaces:

Makes cubicles and offices easy to find with multiple signs pointing in the right direction.

Nobody taught me what the blue bars meant when you pressed the middle button but easy to figure out. Also the mouse in general is just great when it comes to widely accepted interface usage.

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