Twenty Third Post

Yesterday everybody presented their MCA’s and it was really cool to see what everybody had done. I think two of the coolest things I saw were Sushi’s shader that lets you see through an object when you get close to it and Jameel’s Unity app that let you text from within Unity. Jameel had showed me it a little earlier and my response was something like “I cant what how”. Those words exactly. There’s a lot you can do with something like that, it reminds me of the thing with I think direcTV where the caller ID for your phone would pop up on the TV, except it would pop up in VR. You would need an intuitive way to type quickly in VR though. Maybe the new Vive controllers will be able to do a full keyboard for all fingers but I doubt it and there are way too many issues with not being able to feel keys under your fingers.

Today we worked on our slideshow for the presentation with the other REU program that we have tomorrow. We then had a lunch lecture with Eliot and it was really interesting (no I’m not just saying that because he’s my mentor). I had a question about conflict of interest between the research he did and how he started his businesses but I had to wait until the end to ask because Sushi was full of such wonderful questions. I never really thought much about it but if I came across the right idea I think I would be interested in starting a company or at least joining some friends on an idea.



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  1. I always think it’s funny when people are full of questions because they’re trying to think of a clever way to get out of the problem

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