Wednesday, Thursday, and a bit of Friday

Not the most original title in the world, I know, but here’s the promised blog post about Wednesday (and Thursday. And today. Oops.)!


  • Not a lot scheduled, meaning a lot of time to work on our projects, or in my case, catch up on the Deeper Dive. I definitely put the Major Course Activity on the backburner last week and it’s coming back to bite me. Good news is I’m a lot farther than I was! More on that later though.
  • After work, like the basic person I am, I studied at… Starbucks! If only Caribou were open, I would’ve studied there, but summer hours being what they are…
  • Around 7, I headed back to make Old Bay ramen part 2! This time tried a stir fry with a couple veggies and it was even better than the initial noodles. May make it tonight..or zoodles…we’ll see.
  • Got to watch Netflix for the second time this summer after that! Yeah, for someone who really likes Netflix, I haven’t set aside a lot of time to indulge. Planning to do that this weekend, though, in between working on my MCA presentation, sketches, and the paper components!


  • Spent a lot of the day 3D printing, and have two prints to show for it! Going to do one more print, which will probably take longer than 17 minutes, but will hopefully turn out well!
  • The fire alarm went off. What caused it, I don’t know. All I know is that next time I will bring out my laptop during any sort of fire alarm (not because it got incinerated – don’t worry, Mom and Dad, you don’t have to buy me a new laptop – but because I couldn’t get any work done out there).
  • We had an etiquette lunch! I’d had something similar last summer, but I learned a couple new things such as what to do in the event of a disastrous spill and that sending thank you cards using old-fashioned mail with a stamp is always appreciated (don’t send it 6 months late, though!).
  • Back at Freddy, I used some of the abundant chickpeas, potatoes, and leftover cilantro to make something that took a long time, but was good! Plus I got to use some of that smoked paprika.
  • Made banana ice cream for the second night in a row! Since we have approximately 20 bananas in our apartment right now (no joke). Hopefully that number will decrease tonight though.

Am actually going to wait on writing about today until tonight, as there will likely be lots of fun shenanigans to write about, such as the 14-banana pudding. I will update again either today or tomorrow!

Until some time hopefully in the next 24 hours!


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