Weekend Recap

Hey all! So I haven’t posted in a while, so I’m going to do a very quick rundown on the activities of the extended weekend:


  • Not much to say on Friday. Went back to Freddy, hung out, slept, did a bit of work on our group’s outline, and then hung out a bit with some of the gang.


  • Emma and I spent a lot of time journeying on Saturday. First we went to the pharmacy, then to Wal-Mart, then to a yummy sub place called Downtown Deli hat was recommended to Emma as the “best sub place in Ames”. It actually did live up to the hype, and the sandwiches were really good! I was surprised by how good the veggie sub was, and will definitely go back.
  • Saturday night I worked some more on our outline, then took a walk around Freddy before heading to bed. All I can say is that the newer ones, while far, are super nice inside.


  • I got up around 10, and my group decided to meet at 12:30, so I did a quick sketch after making breakfast and then headed over to the VRAC.
  • Our meeting ran a bit long – 3 hours, to be precise. It was really productive, though, and we got a lot done!
  • Then, at 3:30, dun dun dun…my family came!! Yep, they came up for the weekend to see me for 4th of July. I’d been excited for awhile, and was happy to see them.
  • They were pretty tired, so we didn’t do a whole lot. We got Burgee’s coffee and tea, then I gave them a campus tour, then we went to an Irish pub for dinner. The food was pretty good, and it was pretty fun talking and hearing what they’d been up to.
  • They then dropped me off at Freddy for the night, as I had a meeting the next day.
  • I then played a couple games of Uno with Emma, Sofia, Sushi, and Olivia (from one of the other REUs). To be precise, we played two games. And it lasted 2 and a half hours. I only have one thing to say: Seattle rules.
  • I then (finally) went to bed at the wonderful hour of 1 am, with the meeting at 9 the next morning. Still got a decent amount of sleep, but still.

I’m actually going to split this into two posts, with the other one coming later today (should’ve known I couldn’t fit it all into one post!).

So with more to come, I will say bye for now!


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