Weirdness and One-liners

It’s been over a week since I last posted. Several things have happened since. First, we went to the art festival Des Moines twice. The first time was last Friday night to go Saint Motel. Before the concert, we stopped at this weird restaurant. Directly above out table was a painting of a woman lying on a couch; the bottom half of her was covered by a blanket and the upper half of her was covered by only a bra. Above her was a painting of herself lying on an identical couch but facing the opposite direction. The waitress introduced the food by saying it was composed of all of the ingredients no one will by. I decided on the quail, which was prepared like popcorn chicken, and apple coleslaw. Equally weird was the art festival. At some point, people were hanging from ropes pretending to be pack-man. The second visit to the festival was the following morning. I had a chicken shish kibab for second breakfast (please don’t tell my orthodontist) and saw some very cool art. My favorite piece of art was a photograph of a ballerina holding a guitar during a gran battement. Who would have known ballerinas are aesthetic?

The research project has been coming along. We’ve shifted from reading papers to coding the interfaces and creating the environments. I was in charge of mapping trackpad input to rotation angles. After struggling for several days, I asked for Devi and Alfredo for help. Then all of a sudden, on the way back from the bathroom, I realized it could be done in one line. Coding is cruel mistress.


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