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Last weekend was well spent with awesome people doing phenomenal activities.

early saturday: From the first couple of pictures, a huge thanks to my iPhone, you can see gang kayaking. An activity I had never done before. It was scary at first only because there were fish and bugs…I’m thankful I didn’t see any snakes! However, by the time we had reached midstream, everyone pulled their boats up onto the sand, walked a bit more upstream, and jumped into the river with the current pushing them back down.

late saturday: Coming back from Boone at around 5pm, it was time to go look for dinner. 50% of gang decided to go to the Irish Pub & Grill. We fed our hunger. It was a time well spent.

later saturday: I had to work on our group poster some more…and start drafting the methods section for our research paper. I had just found out that the paper is due on Friday. I was thinking it was due Monday. I’m glad I have a little more time to complete our poster draft. I was stressing out a lot!

sunday: Jordan Creek Mall is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is the biggest mall that I have seen…here…in Iowa.They had an Apple Store! Although I was only there for some 30 minutes, I am not able to write how awesome I felt with being given the opportunity to walk into the best store in the world.

later Sunday: Went with Austin and Sush to REI and Climb Iowa to look at some shoes. This new sport takes up a lot of $$$.

even later Sunday: Continued working on our poster. It’s looking great, I think.



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