Instructor: Angelica Jasper

The purpose of the Craft of Research is to provide students with additional education and training in research and related processes, supplement the guidance received through research team projects, as well as to prepare them for SPIRE-EIT REU milestones.

Book: The Craft of Research

Week 1: Introduction to Research

Week 2:  Questions, Problem Statements, and IRBs

Week 3: Citations and Research Questions (Articles and Presentation)

Week 4: The Front Half: Literature Reviews and Methodologies

Week 5: Reviewing Literature and Methodologies

Week 6: The Back Half: Results and Discussions

Week 7: Creating a Research Poster

Week 8: Plagiarism and Misconduct

Week 9: Practice Poster Presentations

Additional Resources:

IRB Resources:
       IRB Review Types
       Six Regulatory Exemption Categories
       Nine Regulatory Expedited Categories
       IRB Non-Exempt Application
       IRB Exempt Application

Plagiarism Resources:
       Top 10 Plagiarism Scandals of 2014
       Types of Plagiarism Infographic
       Ethics of Self-Plagiarism
       Costs of Research Misconduct
       Life Sciences Plagiarism Case Study

Research Writing Resources:
       General Guide to Research Writing
       Introduction/Literature Review Section Explanation
       Methods Section Explanation
       Results Section Explanation
       Discussions/Conclusions Section Explanation

       NABI Guide to Broader Impacts
       Merit Review of Broader Impacts
       Verb Tense in Scientific Manuscripts

Poster Resources:
       ISU Logo
       NSF Logo