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  1. A good way to stand out to faculty is by being actively and confidently engaged throughout the program. Be bold and speak up during your courses/deeper dives. Share interesting thoughts you have, even if you’re unsure of yourself. The instructors and administrators in this program keep in very close contact, so we are always sharing about interns’ experiences and how they stand out. If you find an interesting article and want to speak with an expert on it, I recommend requesting to arrange a meeting with Stephen, Eliot, or any other professor across campus. These types of experiences set the foundations for networking, standing out, and creating collaborations in the future. So much of grad school is being bold and putting yourself out there, so if you can get comfortable with that, you will be on the right path. It’s okay to not know everything or not feel confident sometimes (that’s even part of the fun) – ask questions, foster your intrinsic curiosity, and be open to uncomfortable situations. You’ll be a thriving grad student in no time!

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