Day 1

Lecture 1 – Introduction to Unity

Lecture 2 – Scripting Basics

Unity In-class activity scripts (Rename the file name extension to .cs before using it in Unity)

  • Bounce script: You were asked to bounce a ball up and down. If you haven’t figured out writing a .cs script, here is a simple one. Apply this script to a sphere game object to see it bounce up and down. If you have the sphere created somewhere other than (0, 0, 0), why does it come to the (0, 0, 0) before bouncing up and down? What can you do to make it bounce where it was?
  • Fly up script: Another in-class activity was to make a cube fly up indefinitely while spinning. Here is a simple script to achieve that. Apply this script to a cube game object and check what happens. Why do you not see the cube come to (0, 0, 0) briefly like the sphere before flying up?

Day 2

Lecture 3 – Scripting and UI

Lecture 4 – Additional Topics

Goodie scripts

  • WASD and mouse navigation script: Use this to navigate around in your scene using keyboard and mouse. You will need to apply this script to the Main Camera
  • Game object motion on a plane script: Use this to move a game object (e.g., a car going forward and back, and turn left and right). You will need to apply this script to the game object you want to move.