HCI: Bad User Design — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting point with the ketchup bottles. I assume you’re praising plastic ones for squeezability. But then ketchup could still stay at the bottom of the plastic bottle and require shaking/thumping. But soon after the plastic, I think, came the upside down bottles, which solves that second problem. That’s an interesting tradeoff between sustainability (plastic less, glass more) with convenience. Here’s a nice post about the physics of ketchup, btw.

    With the USB-A plug that you show (the classic one), if you assume that you can’t solve it the way USB-C does (the ones that you refer to that can be inserted either direction), it might be an interesting challenge to design a better way to indicate to users the right way to plug it in. Little arrows on top? A notch in the metal?

    Thanks for your examples!

  2. First time hearing the word thixotropy. Its interesting to hear the types of viscosity in terms of shear rates. Its pretty cool to deeply think about things that we usually see everyday without notice.

    As for the USB, I’m glad flippable USB’s exist!

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