HCI: Maybe they’re bad maybe I’m just dumb — 4 Comments

  1. The fan/light issue is a good one. Similarly, it bothers me that on most fans that you put in your room / on your desk, there’s a knob that goes Off, High, Medium, Low. (It should go off, low, medium, high.) But the current arrangement works best for the electrical rheostat. Off = max resistance, high = a little resistance, medium = medium resistance, and low = high resistance. So the settings are natural if you think “I’m adjusting resistance.” But not if you think normally.

    Re YouTube, I guess they want your eyes, since that’s what they get paid for. Surely there’s a plugin to work around that.

  2. You’re definitely not dumb! I’m taught in industrial design that we have to make products that are intuitive to everyone. We should assume that people won’t read the instructions, so we make instructions shorter (if any), and make the product as if you don’t even need to use them. Some people learn by doing, not by memorizing instructions.

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