It’s gonna be alright — 6 Comments

  1. Your story was really inspirational. I can relate to you in some ways and it really hit home for me. Any time you want to chat or complain about the struggles you can always count on me!

    • You can always feel free to reach out to me too. You’ve grown so much, but remember that there’s some ways to go – you can still make progress in finding yourself. Maybe a year from now, you can write like this with a newer profound understanding of who you are.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Echoing Syema and Karina, feel free to reach out to me as well. Hope everything will turn out alright.

  3. Im so glad to hear your story and am glad you were able to open up to us 🙂 It can be difficult to share your story but proud of you for doing it!

  4. Wow Vrinda. That was so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story. It makes me want to share mine. I now have a newfound admiration for you.

    Whatever issue you encounter, do your best and leave the rest up to God. I can totally relate to what it means to be a Karma Yogi. As a Catholic Cristian, we are taught that idea all the time. It’s amazing how even from different philosophies and religions, we could still have the same teachings.

    Stay strong Vrinda. You got this. And don’t forget. You’ve got a friend in me and I’ll be there for you through whatever storm you encounter. May God bless you forever and ever.

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