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  1. Congrats on being a SolidWorks wiz! I’m glad it’s coming easily to you, and this is an amazing opportunity for you to learn this software before many of your peers in your major. Maybe you could try modeling what you’ve created so far in your design classes in SolidWorks?

    What’s been your most memorable volunteer work/experience?

    It’s so cool how you combine your love for art with the community through Via Colori. Do you have any pictures of your artwork?

    • Hi Lara,
      I’d love to model some of my previous projects on Solidworks. I did one project that was really small and intricate that most people thought I 3-D printed it, even though I was only allowed to construct it by hand!
      My most memorable volunteer work experiences are when I hear back from my mentees about which colleges they got into. My friend’s mentee got into Stanford on scholarship, and one of my mentees got a high enough SAT score to get into the University of Houston. I’m happy to hear back from my mentees and realize that all of my hard work paid off.
      I do have pictures of most of my work on my website: Feel free to check it out.

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