Authoring tools
Authoring tools enable people with zero or relatively low programming experience to readily author their courses in an ITS environment in a short time.

Boeing – Augmented Reality
Boeing Ð Augmented Reality^M^MThis research study is using an assembly of a wing task to determine whether or not AR instructions are more beneficial than instructions on a tablet device or stationary desktop monitor in terms of assembly time and accuracy.

Combine simulator
The John Deere combine simulator is a research platform being used at ISU to answer a variety of combine, agricultural al, and data collection questions. This high fidelity simulator utilizes a John Deere combine interior and control system where real farmers are brought in to assist in research.

Concept Grid
A web-based tutoring system to allow non-programmers to create instructions for checking natural language input. It provides facilities to describe both required and incorrect concepts, and the feedback that needs to be given.

The aim of the cybersickness project is to find causes and mitigate symptoms associated with cybersickness. A pilot study has shown the maze we currently have developed is effective at inducing cybersickness.

DARPA’s Active Authentication program seeks to authenticate users continuously using software-based biometrics. We have successfully used machine techniques with typing data derived from experimental tasks, and will next be gathering natural typing data.

HomCam Hardware
HomCam Hardware/Studies^M^MThe HomCam helmet allows for 360-degree camera footage through live video streaming . The study for this will potentially be testing the benefits of watching 360-degree video in a control position to assist the user wearing HomCam, vs. 90 degrees video viewing

Omniscribe is an After Action Review (AAR) software application built to serve researchers analyze data from live scenarios. Omniscribe takes multiple data sources and synchronizes them on one common timeline. Researchers can then review all the data in one easy-to-use user interface.

By incorporating domain model, expert model, student model and pedagogical model, an intelligent tutoring system is developed to help engineering undergraduate students with problem-framing skills for thermodynamics and statics course.

This summer REU site on emerging interface technologies recruits a diverse, interdisciplinary group of 12 undergrads from across the country to get their help on existing research projects. It’s a blast.

Research Writing Tutor. This automated writing evaluation system coaches students in over 30 disciplines on academic writing.

Tactile Vest
The Tactile Vest is a project within LVC and it is a vest packed with vibrating pagers. The purpose of the vest is t o provide haptic feedback during training sessions for users inside the Veldt/Mirage.

UX Lab
User Experience Laboratory 2969 Howe Hall 2 The ISU HCI UX Lab aims to bring user-centered design (UCD) practices to the ISU community. We offer consulting on potential research, UX tool instruction, and assistance setting up and running UX studies.

In VREP, self-directed high school students work with peers to research and design virtual programs. The Center for e-Design is helping to improve and expand VREP to identify students with aptitude for engineering.

VR Training
This research study compared training in virtual environments with real-world training for an assembly task. Results showed that virtual training can lead to longer-term retention of learning in certain contexts.

A child being tutored in math and physics by an ITS builds a toy from durable raw materials as an integral part of the tutoring sessions.