The C6

Below is a video that describes the unparalleled technology powering VRAC’s prized possession, the C6. Simply breathtaking. The C6 is illuminated by 100 million pixels. It displays over 16.7 million pixels per wall (4096×4096). Forty-eight dual-cpu workstations send images to 24 Sony SRX-S105 digital cinema projectors, providing an intensely detailed high-resolution, immersive experience for researchers and other participants. In addition, audio immersion is possible through the upgraded 8.1 channel surround sound audio system. The multi-million dollar upgrade, completed in 2007, was engineering and implemented by Mechdyne Corporation.

This next video highlights some of the possibilities of the amazing technology developed at VRAC. The C6 is a three-dimensional, fully-immersive synthetic environment residing in the center atrium of Iowa State University’s Howe Hall. This unique facility consists of a 10ft x 10ft x 10ft room where all four walls, the floor and the ceiling are projection screens capable of displaying back-projected stereoscopic images, providing total immersion for the participants. The C6 incorporates a three-dimensional eight-channel surround sound system. Originally opened in 2000, the C6 was the first six-sided synthetic immersive environment in the world, and the only known system of its kind to support wireless tracking.

With the recent upgrade, the C6 is the highest resolution immersive environment of its kind in the world.

This video is a special Discover Planet did on the C6 exploring how this marvel is used.


More information as well as more video coverage can be found on the Iowa State webpage located here


The VELDT can be best described as an immersive mixed reality military environment. It is primarily used for Live, Virtual, and Contructive military simulation and training. It implements Augmented Reality (AR), head tracking, gun tracking, and physical walls. It combines live and virtual opponents.

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