M E 170 Engineering Graphics and Introductory Design

Integration of fundamental graphics, computer modeling, and engineering design. Applications of multiview drawings and dimensioning. Techniques for visualizing, analyzing, and communicating 3-D geometries. Application of the design process including written and oral reports. Freehand and computer methods.

M E 270 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design

Overview of mechanical engineering design with applications to thermal and mechanical systems. Introduction to current design practices used in industry. Semester-long team project focused on addressing societal needs. Past projects include designing human powered charging systems and products for developing nations.

M E 412 Ethical Responsibilities of a Practicing Engineer

The study of ethics in engineering design and the engineering profession. A comprehensive look at when ethical decisions must be made and an approach to make them. The approach takes into account moral, legal, technical, experiential, and standards to aid in ethical decision making. Each area will be studied through lectures, debates, guest speakers, class discussion, and case studies.

M E 415 Mechanical Systems Design

Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design course. Team approach to solving design problems involving mechanical systems. Teams will use current design practices they will encounter in industry. Document decisions concerning form and function, material specification, manufacturing methods, safety, cost, and conformance with codes and standards. Solution description includes oral and written reports. Projects often worked with industry sponsors.

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