My name is Glen Galvin and I am the Manager of Information Technology for the Virtual Reality Applications Center at Iowa State University. VRAC is a multi-disciplinary research center working with faculty from all corners of campus. We are home to several world-class research facilities including our flagship lab called the C6.  The C6 is a 10′ cube with over 200 million pixels being drawn on all six-sides in real-time using a 48-node graphics cluster and 96 nVidia Quadro graphic cards, and we do this while wirelessly tracking the user(s) and drawing the scenes from their head perspective.

VRAC is also home to the Human Computer Interaction Graduate Program (HCI), and it is the largest inter-disciplinary graduate program at Iowa State University.  Graduates from our program are highly sought after by industry and go on to envious jobs at many major companies across the US.

Are you sure that what we call “reality” is not a dream, and that what we call “dreams” are not reality? Do you have any means of knowing, with absolute certainty, whether you are awake or asleep right now?