Project Criteria

Usabilathon ISU – Judging Criteria

Competitors will present an 8-to-10-minute presentation focusing on their methodology and solution(s) to the given problem. This presentation will be recorded and available for viewing by the judges, volunteers, and other competitors. 

Prototype. Competitors will produce at least one prototype to display their ideas and solutions, as well as to support their own presentation. 

Deliverables/Judging criteria: 

  • Need
    • The solution addresses a target audience and their needs
    • The team addresses the scope of their solution, when appropriate
  • Process
    • The team solution was developed through the use of the design cycle (Discover, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test)
    • The team applied UX/evaluation methods in designing their solution 
  • Solution
    • Regardless of the fidelity of the prototype, the prototype clearly conveys the proposed design solution
    • The prototype conveys a feasible solution that is supported by the research methods used.
  • Presentation
    • The team presents their proposed design solution clearly to the audience
    • It should be clear how all members of the team contributed to the project
    • Able to deliver within the 8-10 minute timeframe