Interested in sponsoring our 2020 event? Please email usabilathon@iastate.edu and we would be happy to provide you with more information!




Past Sponsors
VRAC at ISU,  Workiva, Pillar Technology, Source Allies, Balsamiq, Sketch App,  Axure RP, 
WR Berkley, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop,  Pizza Pit Extreme,  ISU Dept. of Computer Science  


Why sponsor?
Usabilathon is a user-focused hackathon that aims to inspire and encourage students to explore user-centered solutions. Sponsors get the opportunity to: Help encourage user-focused solutions for client-driven problems, send volunteers and have your company represented, and recruit talented up and coming graduate professionals for internships or jobs. All of our sponsorship packages include a considerable amount of options for increasing brand exposure. It’s a great way to promote your company brand amongst the future leaders of the technology industry!

What if I’m interested in sponsoring?
If you are interested in sponsoring, you can send an email to usabilathon@iastate.edu

Why do we need sponsors?
Usabilathon is 100% funded by sponsors. Our sponsors help us to provide meals for students and volunteers during the event, as well as buying swag/prizes for the best solution. Sponsors can help students learn by mentoring and participating during the event, as well as networking with young and talented minds. 

What is “swag”?

T-shirts, mugs, and more that typically have some branding and advertising on them.

What are the benefits of having a table?
Having a table means that participants will see that you’re there and come talk to you during the event. The table also serves as your home-base during the event for any recruiters/mentors participating.

If I don’t have a table, how do I distribute recruiting materials?
We will have a general swag table where we will put any swag/recruiting materials you’d like to give us.

What do mentors do?
Mentors are the lifeline for participants since most of them will be working with topics or tools that they’ve never touched before, so mentors can help with sticky situations, and keep teams moving to create amazing projects.

How many mentors can I send?
As a growing event, we need to consider the number of participants to mentors ratio, we welcome having as many mentors as possible, but could give an estimate during the planning phase. We’re always looking for mentors who have been working with research and development in their company.