What is Usabilathon? [@ ISU]

Usabilathon (pronounce usabil-a-thon) is ISU’s usability hackathon style event, bringing together students both graduate and undergraduate students (20-30 total) from all departments to compete in this user-focused event. Participants will week to spend designing, iterating, and developing solutions. At the end of the event, participants will get an opportunity to showcase their solutions for the judges and fellow participants.

Why Usabilathon?
Usabilathon is aimed at helping bridge an active partnership between academia and industry. Through this partnership, participants will be able to leverage their skills and gain experience in solving client-driven problems. Group participation will encourage collaboration and team-building, and gaining new skills in the process. Lastly, this will also provide an opportunity for participants to network with peers and industry related folks.

Code of Conduct:
Read it here.

Read more on the origin of the Usabilathon here: https://usabilathon.com


What’s a Usabilathon?
One day event where participants design, iterate and develop solutions to a presented problem. By participating in the Usabilathon, students showcase their skills to some of the leading companies in the Human Factors/UX space.

How can I register for the event?
Registration for the 2021 event is now open! Sign up here.

What should I expect to do during the event?
Participants will work together in groups to and solve the presented problem via usability methods, and present their solutions to the judges.

How do I benefit from this event?
We hope that you get exposed to a real-world problem, team collaboration, networking opportunities, HCI, Human factors and UX fields, and an amazing community of people interested/working in the field.

Who can participate?
For this event, we welcome any undergraduate and graduate ISU student from ANY department (undergrads and graduate students).

What materials will I need?
Bring your laptop and charger, and cell phone and charger too. You may want to have paper and pens/markers or post-it notes on hand for designing and ideating! Also, check the Resources page to download any of the suggested software.

What’s the code of conduct?
Read it here.

Will there be food?
Unfortunately, since the event is remote this year, we will not be providing snacks.

How does judging work?
Teams will create an 8-10 minute video presentation and a panel of judges will deliberate on each solution based on several judging criteria found here.

What if I need help during the event? 
Volunteers will be available on Microsoft Teams throughout the event to help out with whatever the participants need.

Participating Teams?
You may register with a team of 2-3 people using the same team name on the sign-up form. If you don’t have a team, you may register individually and find a team to join on our “Team Creation” channel on Microsoft Teams.

Is this a networking opportunity?
Your team will have the opportunity to receive feedback from an industry professional. Additionally, your work will be judged by a panel of experts from both industry and academia.