The WEAR Scale—Will they wear it?

WEAR (Wearable Acceptability Range) Scale, a measure of wearable acceptability, can be used with regard to any wearable device. A two-factor, fourteen item solution demonstrated good reliability. Construct validity was demonstrated by significant correlations between the WEAR Scale and related constructs such as affinity for technology, likeableness ratings, and adoption of technology. 

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Factor 1: Aspirational 

  1. I like what this device communicates about its wearer.
  2. I could imagine aspiring to be like the wearer of such a device.
  3. This device is consistent with my self image.
  4. This device would enhance the wearer’s image.
  5. The wearer of this device would get a positive reaction from others.
  6. I like how this device shows membership to a certain social group.
  7. This device seems to be useful and easy to use.
  8. This device could help people.

Factor 2: Social fears 

  1. This device could allow its wearer to take advantage of people.
  2. Use of this device raises privacy issues.
  3. The wearer of this device could be considered rude.
  4. Wearing this device could be considered inappropriate.
  5. People would not be offended by the wearing of this device.
  6. This device would be distracting when driving.