125 AD – Interactive VR

Pantheon, in 125 AD – Interactive VR

This webpage features a proof of concept 3D interactive Pantheon. The performance of the application largely depends on the browser (Chrome preferred), and computer capabilities. Once the application is loaded, please use the following keyboard cues to navigate around in the application:

  • Up and Down arrow on the keyboard to move back and forth
  • Left and Right arrow keys to turn left and right
  • ‘u’ key (or Shift + Page Up) to look up
  • ‘d’ key (or Shift + Page Down) to look down

As an alternative if it takes too long to load the application or is not very interactive, please click below to download a zip file containing a Windows executable of the full-featured Pantheon on your desktop or laptop computer. Unzip the file and double click on ‘Pantheon 2.0 Desktop.exe’ within the folder Pantheon_2.0

[Pantheon full featured windows executable]