Project Sites

To request a site on this server contact the VRAC Support group.

Current and legacy sites hosted here:

  • Advanced Learning & Cognition (ALC) – Research group.
  • Architectural History Library – Collection of iconic buildings developed and built for view in immersive environments.
  • CISE REU PI Workshop – Learning workshop to assist in running an REU site.
  • Carmen Gomes – Project site
  • DOVE – Design of Virtual Environments
  • Eliot Winer – VRAC Director professional page.
  • Glen Galvin – VRAC IT Manager sandbox page.
  • istructar – Augmented Reality for Education
  • Jonathan Claussen research group development page
  • NSF VR/AR Workshop – Personalizing Adaptive Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems
  • sefoundations – Lectures for Foundations in System Engineering / NSF Award Number-1645065
  • REU – NSF sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates problem.
  • SCOTTIE – Systematic Communication Objectives and Telecommunications Technology Investigation and Evaluation Research Project
  • TechTHRIVE: A Technological Vision for Thriving Rural Communities in an Innovation Economy
  • Teleportation – Teleportation Research Project – CLOSED
  • VirtuTrace – Simulation engine used for conducting a experiments in a variety of virtual environments.