Personalizing Adaptive Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems: the VR/AR Visioning Workshop

Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) have begun to change the world, but many fundamental research questions remain. VR/AR experiences can be deeply personal, yet hardware, software, and content designers can do more to adapt to the full range of individuals’ personal characteristics and how they change over time.

To develop a research agenda to investigate these questions, we invite you the National Science Foundation-funded visioning workshop Personalizing Adaptive Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems on July 17-18, 2017 at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, VA. This meeting will bring together experts from academia, industry and government to identify key areas ripe for innovation and shape a research agenda on the scientific areas that would allow us to develop adaptive and personalizable VR/AR systems.

The important things you need to do include the following: 

  • Save the date: The meeting will start on Monday morning, July 17 and end Tuesday July 18 by 3pm.
  • Register by Tuesday, June 20: register for the meeting and upload your photo and introduction register here.
  • Book your hotel room by Tuesday, June 20: info about the hotel here
  • Plan your transportation: info about transportation here
  • A tentative agenda is available here
  • Answer the pre-workshop questions by Tuesday, June 27: pre-workshop questions available here.

Please direct any questions to the organizers: Stephen Gilbert, Jim Ratcliffe, Kay Stanney, Eliot Winer, and Andra Castle via

We wish to thank the organizers, presenters, and staff for making all of this happen. Special thanks to the CISE Directorate of the National Science Foundation.