Another Post About Deeper Dive

The end of Week 4 approaches, and the Deep Dives begin. I am in the XR group (the two other groups being 3D Printing and Machine Learning). I chose XR because I wanted to explore more of the virtual reality realm beyond my research group’s project. So far, our group has covered some XR basics, tested some headsets, and discussed some project ideas. We are unsure where we want to go right now, but we will do a brainstorming session on Monday.

Last night, we had a movie night for our extra-curricular activity. We were supposed to visit Reiman Gardens, which many of us were looking forward to, but it was closed. We couldn’t get the projector in the auditorium to work, so we spent the evening in the JB Conference room watching Coco.

Yesterday morning, we spent the first part of the day taking promo pictures in our matching yellow t-shirts. It was unbearably hot, we got a lot of strange looks from campus visitors, but the pictures turned out amazing. The new website banner photo makes us interns look a lot friendlier!

Our two lunch and lectures this week were with Stephen Gilbert and Cody Fleming. I have been enjoying learning about the professors and the various research projects they have been working on.

Going back to Star Wars favorites, favorite tv series? I guess I have two but for differing reasons: Clone Wars (for the lore and prequel setting) and The Mandalorian (for the visuals and live-action).

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