Okay so, long story short, I noticed like 2 days into the program that Andric refuses to smile without hiding behind his hands. An example:

So of course, it became my mission to get a picture where he wasn’t hiding his smile. The thing is, it’s really easy to get him to smile. You can literally just say, “Hey, Andric, don’t smile,” and he’ll immediately smile. With how easy it is to get him to smile you’d think taking a picture of it would not be difficult… but it was. First, I reviewed the pictures we took with Paul, but no dice. All those smiles were fake. Then I tried surprising him, but he was faster than me, always catching when I was trying to get a picture. Next I tried reflections. If I was taking pictures of other things, he didn’t seem to react, so all I had to do was catch his reflection in a photo and I was golden. Alas, this didn’t work either. Not only was I never able to locate any reflections in time, but the few times I got close, he still caught me. That is until we went to Storm Lake. I was tasked with taking photos to use on the posters and such. Andric was so engrossed with the game and the students that he didn’t notice when I took his picture most of the time, and I was able to finally get the picture.

There it is! Weeks of attempting to get the picture and all I had to do was make sure he was sufficiently distracted. Anyway, he claims that he saw and just “Didn’t mind anymore” but I don’t believe him. Anyways, this all to say I’ve successfully completed my mission. And Andric, you should really stop hiding your smile 🙂

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