A Productive Week

This week has been going well so far. We presented a demo of our poster on Tuesday and received lots of good feedback. Our content was the right amount; we just needed to reorder it in an easy-to-follow format. We picked out a color scheme (purple and light beige surprisingly) and are working on finalizing the visuals.

The lunch and lecture on Tuesday with Wesley Lefferts ranked among one of my favorites. Even though the content was medically-related research (personally not a huge fan), it was explained in easy-to-understand terms that I couldn’t help but find the material fascinating. Plus, I totally fell for the fake accent; I thought that was very amusing! As always, the lectures provide a supportive message that life is rarely a straight line, but all your experiences along the way are still worth it in the end. I found the Thursday lunch and lecture enjoyable, too. Dr. Elena Cotos provided some great resources and tips about graduate school.

A few other happenings: on Monday morning as I was leaving for work, I discovered my bike had a flat tire! I was able to get ahold of Dennis, and he helped replace the damaged tube for me. Much better!

Also, on Wednesday night, a group of us interns went to watch the new Barbie movie. It wasn’t what I expected according to the commercials, but I still enjoyed the movie and thought it had a good message.

Here’s a rather specific Star Wars meme, but I find it hilarious.

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