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  1. Be sure to ask Yvonne or google “How to read like a grad student” Here’s a short version that I suggest:
    – Read the title
    – Consider what the authors’ disciplines are, if that’s easy to see in the paper. Are they psychology, education, engineering, what?
    – Read the abstract
    – Now skim through the paper and just read the headings (Introduction, Methods etc) and read every caption from a table or figure.
    – At the end, read the conclusions. If you don’t really care about them at that point, make some brief notes about what you just learned so you don’t read it again, and move on.
    – If you do care, ask yourself if you believe the conclusions. Go back and read more about their methods and results to see if you think they support the conclusions. Then make more detailed notes and put some hashtags on them, like #experimentalDesign #EEG #genderDiffs or such.

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