Week 3 Wrap Up

One more blog to close out the week. We finally have our extra-curricular activity for tomorrow selected. We are going to another park, Ledges, for some hiking. I’ve been to Ledges before because it’s pretty close to where I live. My family has camped there a few times, but I haven’t really hiked there. I just hope the weather is nice.

At our team’s project meeting yesterday, we worked on developing interview questions to ask people to help flesh out the avatars that will be within our virtual environment. Also, we are still on the hunt for the perfect headset to use to test our VR environment. One fun thing of note: our graduate student, April, opened our meeting with “High, Low, Hippo”. It’s where you say something that was a high of your week (or day), something that was a low, and then hippo can be anything you want to mention. I thought this was very clever, and I want to try to use it to structure my blog posts in the future.

Our Blender sessions wrap up today. I’ve been having fun creating a scene of a house. It’s taking a while, and I know that I’m not doing it the most efficiently. But, I’m enjoying exploring the tools and ways I can manipulate shapes. This project is entirely my own, nothing from YouTube tutorials, just what I am learning.

It’s a little flower! (kind of)

As promised, more Star Wars. During our light painting activity yesterday (incredibly fun yet tricky to master), one of the scenes we created was of a lightsaber duel, and it turned out wonderful.

Luke and Darth Vader, perhaps?

See you next week!

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  1. Nice mix of work thoughts and outside-work thoughts! As well as the High Low Hippo, I also sometimes use Rose Thorn Bud (good something, bad something, something new possibly on the horizon).

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