Deeper Dive Chaos

First off, I’d like to thank the all the VRAC folks who planned the lovely birthday celebration today! It was so nice to celebrate with the group with some yummy ice cream. Thanks for the treat!

Now, about this whole Deeper Dive thing. We were too ambitious. Nadya and I had a fun storyline and lots of interactive elements planned. But, working in Unity when you barely know anything about it is a challenge. We were able to import an amazing Wild West environment, though. Nadya worked on adding an interior to the General Store while I worked on importing NPCs. I got a character in, finally fixed its material, and tried to animate it. It came rigged and with animations, but no matter how many YouTube videos I watched, I could not understand how to get all that to work together. So, we scrapped the wandering NPCs ideas and are trying to import some static characters instead. We still wanted interactive components, so I watched some videos on how to make the VR controllers and items grabbable. After several vague tutorials, I tried to test out what I did, but the VR headset had disconnected from the computer. Oh well. Historical facts were supposed to be a big part of our project, so we trying to get some sort of text box with historical quotes from the NPCs. I hope we can get it to work. Also, working collaboratively on a Unity program is incredibly difficult. You can’t actually work on the same thing at the same time otherwise there are some complex save errors . . . I just hope what we worked on today saved correctly!

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