Crossing the Finish Line

We had this past weekend off for the 4th, and it was soooo nice. My family went camping at Ledges. It was very relaxing to just sit outside in the shade, hang out with my family, and not think about our research projects. On Wednesday, I came back refreshed and ready to put my full effort into finishing our MCA project. Speaking of…

Today we presented our MCAs! It was a mad rush to the finish line, but we ended up with a completed project. I am very proud of the interactable tools I was finally able to code. I was also able to make a very basic mining mini game by utilizing game object visibility scripts. Nadya put a lot of work into the NPCs and the text bubbles (they look fantastic). Both of us stayed late several days to get work done, and while I am extremely pleased with what we were able to create with our limited knowledge, I am ready to set this project aside for a bit and return to our actual research project.

On Thursday, we had a lunch and lecture with Carmen Gomes. I found her research scope very interesting, and she has a very fun personality. That evening, we walked to the Food Science building and learned how to make fresh pasta. I rolled out some dough, cut it into squares, and folded it into bowtie shapes. It was fun and some of the shapes actually turned out fairly good! At the end, we got to eat our creations (delicious) and even season our own sauce.

Also on Thursday (it was a very busy day!), we meet with our research team to do a design session. We planned a rough storyboard ranging from player goals to what the avatars will say to how to view a virtual poster. As of now, we have big plans, and I hope we can incorporate as many of them as possible. Also, I am excited to be able to use the knowledge I gained from the MCA on this project.

I was reviewing my last blog post, and I realized I forgot to include my Star Wars sign off. So, I’m including double the fun in this post. See ya next week.

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