Project Updates

It’s the end of the week, and we are back to our (fairly) normal schedule. The MCA projects wrapped up last week, so our team has returned our full focus to our main research project. We spent this week conducting interviews and working within Unity. We interviewed our first couple of graduate students to use their answers for programming our virtual “novice” conference goers. We received some very interesting and thorough answers that will give us an excellent starting point. Early this morning, we interviewed our first “expert” as well (thank you Dr. Gilbert!) which gave us a great professor’s perspective of a conference. We have a few more interviews to conduct then we’ll analyze the answers in a way that we can translate into the virtual avatars.

Besides interviewing, our research team has gotten into the coding of our project. So far, we have a conference hall and some static avatars. We are now working on the avatar interactions which is tricky at times, but it’s nice to collaborate as a group on any issues.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my weekly wrap up.

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