Gearing up for the Storm Lake visit

Tomorrow our team is taking a field trip. We’re going to Storm Lake to show some students there the prototype we’re creating and to get their input on what they think would make the best game for them. A lot of what we’ve been working on needs to be done today in order for the visit to go smoothly. It is nerve-racking to think about. A lot of our actual research will be done tomorrow. We’ll be taking Surveys, as well as leading focus groups, demoing our game prototype, and leading a storyboarding activity. I am very nervous about the focus group and storyboarding part of the day. Being AuDHD, I tend to struggle with certain social things, such as managing groups of people, and new people are particularly difficult for me. While I’m fairly used to working with young children, teens are not my forte (not even when I was a teen). I know in the end I’ll be thankful that I’m pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, pushing myself to be social and participate more, but this program has required a lot of that, and right now, I would really like a few days to stop being social.

After the Storm Lake visit, you might think we get a bit of a break, but not really. While the other two projects have been able to get a head start on their posters and presentations for our various events, our team hasn’t been able to do much, because a lot of the presentation will be about stuff we have yet to do. So once we do have our visit, we’ll immediately have to start analyzing the data from our visit, gathering that information, finding out what there is to learn from it, putting it into our presentation, and getting ready for the end of this program. It’s crazy to think we’re so close to finished already. I feel like we only just began a few weeks ago. looking back, It’s been a very difficult summer for me, being away from my husband, dealing with the loss of a loved one, being put into situations that are not the most comfortable for me, working full time again (I wasn’t because of school). But the things that have been the hardest are the things I’ve learned the most from. So hopefully, this visit tomorrow will continue that pattern.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have good news to report in a few days. As for now, I should get back to making sure everything is set for tomorrow.

Oh, I re-drew an old drawing this weekend and even though it’s like 5 years old I still love it. I call it Emo Ariel. If you laugh, you probably have the same sense of humor as I do. if you can’t read it, she’s saying, “I wanna be where the people aren’t”.

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